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AFC Roscoe Village was founded in 2021 by Zico Shaker. Our team competes in the 4th tier of US soccer, boasting former D1 and semi-professional players. As a founding club of the NSL (National Soccer League) Chicago Division, we made an impressive 3rd place finish in our Inaugural Season.

Come fall, we hit the ground running with a 6-1 record, neck and neck with Edgewater Castle FC. The climax of the season was nothing short of cinematic: a 96th-minute penalty that could crown Edgewater champions. But Tommy Bender, our president and goalkeeper, made a legendary save, securing AFC Roscoe its first-ever trophy amidst sheer pandemonium.

Fueled by victory, we clinched our second consecutive NSL Chicago League Title the following summer. With this triumph, we're gearing up to join the MWPL (Midwest Premier League) and fielding a second team in the Greater Chicago Soccer League, which is a merger of the Metropolitan Soccer League and the National Soccer League.


About MWPL

The Midwest Premier League is a regional soccer league that is run by its member teams. The goals of the league are to focus on sustainability, promote high-level competition among clubs, encourage participation in regional and national cup competitions, and support all of our member clubs through sharing of ideas and best practices.


About GCSL

The Greater Chicago Soccer League is a new league formed from the merger of the National Soccer League and the Metropolitan Soccer League. Our league features some of the best amateur clubs in the Chicago area. The league is affiliated with the Illinois State Soccer Association and the United States Adult Soccer Association. We are a not-for-profit organization.


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Player Bios

Adam Nijhawan

Portait of Adam Nijhawan


Adam Nijhawan is from Eau Claire, WI. He went to Carleton College where he served as president and captain of Carleton Football Club. Prior to AFC Roscoe he played for Minneapolis' Vlora FC and Chicago's Magic FC. He is a massive Arsenal supporter and is currently pursuing a PhD in Physical Chemistry.

Connor Kirkbride

Portait of Connor Kirkbride


Connor Kirkbride is from Kalamazoo, Michigan. He serves as one of the captains for AFC Roscoe. He has lots of experience playing in local men's leagues, but AFC Roscoe is his first NSL club. Connor has played competitive club/travel soccer throughout his entire life. Connor supports Real Madrid CF and Arsenal FC. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, he was competing with USA dodgeball in competitions all around the country.

Tommy Bender

Portait of Tommy Bender


Tommy Bender was raised in Mendota, IL. He served our country and was Army 1-27 battalion's #1. He has played competitive club soccer his whole life and features in a number of local men's leagues, in addition to AFC Roscoe. Tommy supports Bayern Munich. Amazingly, Tommy taught himself how to play keeper through YouTube videos.

Bryan Waterhouse

Portait of Bryan Waterhouse


Bryan Waterhouse is from Cincinnati, Ohio where he played for Cincinnati United Premier. He played four years for UChicago's club soccer team, serving as captain his senior year. He has 1 bachelor's and two master's degrees from UChicago, and he made this website. His favorite professional team is Manchester United, and a cool fact about Bryan is that he once won $1200 in a chess tournament.

Andy Golden

Portait of Andy Golden


Andy Golden is from Muskego, WI. He serves as captain of AFC Roscoe. He played for Carroll University's Men's team and has competitive club experience with FC Wisconsin and the Croatian Eagles of the UPSL. Andy's favorite club is Sunderland AFC, and a fun fact about him is that he is a twin.

Pietro Mozzone

Portait of Pietro Mozzone


Pietro Mozzone was born in Savona, Italy and raised in Celle Ligure, Italy. Pietro brings a wealth of professional and club experience, playing for Celle Lugure, ASD Albissola Albatross, Savona FBC, FBC Veloce Calcio, and Polisportiva Celle Ligure. His favorite professional club is Genoa CFC, and he is a member of the ultra group Old Block 1973 Unita Resistente, Gradinata Nord. Pietro is passionate about traveling the world, so when he achieves a new goal he books a new trip. He is currently a developing executive for an Italian/American logistics company. His life philosophy is to work hard and party harder!.

Nolan Fisher

Portait of Nolan Fisher


Nolan Fisher grew up in Detroit, MI. He has played competitive club soccer his whole life. Nolan won Nationals playing for the Purdue University Men's club team. His favorite professional club is Manchester City FC. A cool fact about Nolan is that he is also Wildernes First Aid Certified.

Vuk Todorovic

Portait of Vuk Todorovic


Vuk Todorovic was born in Uzice, Serbia. He brings professional experience to AFC Roscoe, having played with FK Sloboda and FK Zlatibor in Serbia. Vuk's favorite club is Liverpool FC.

Jai Gore

Portait of Jai Gore


Jai Gore is from Atlanta, GA and attended Purdue for college where he won a national championship with their club soccer team. He has semi-professional experience, playing for FC Indiana in the NPSL. His favorite soccer club is Barcelona, and a fun fact about Jai is that he is ambidextrous.

Max Taylor

Portait of Max Taylor


Max Taylor is from London, England and played for Kenyon College.

Thomas DiMauro

Portait of Thomas DiMauro


Saker Ghanayem

Portait of Saker Ghaneyem


Saker Ghanayem is from Orlanda, Florida and played for University of Maine.

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Club Leadership

Portrait of Adam Nijahawan


Adam Nijahawan

Portrait of Tommy Bender

VP Administration

Tommy Bender

Portrait of Connor Kirkbride

VP Recruitment

Connor Kirkbride

Portrait of Bryan Waterhouse

Director of Football

Bryan Waterhouse

Portrait of Pietro Mozzone

VP Social

Pietro Mozzone

Portrait of Andy Golden


Andy Golden